Building brands with impactful virtual video.

The situation we've found ourselves in has accelerated the need for video content and online delivery; and now more than ever is your chance to have an impact online. We've got your back every step of the way as you venture into this new world of virtual video delivery.

Video Clarity Calls.

These times are challenging for everyone, especially those navigating the virtual video space for the first time or deep diving into it to keep their heads above water. I know the space intimately, and am here to support in any way I can. This is a complimentary 25 minute call with the sole intention of helping you find the right video solution.

Project Studio.

Needing a helping hand going virtual? Want a setup tailored to your needs? If you're a leader, speaker, facilitator or trainer scrambling to look and sound professional on video conferencing software I'm here to help. Get a professional 'DIY' film studio setup in your own home via video consultation with me and my team.

Dynamic Presentations

If you're a speaker, facilitator or trainer that wants to up their level of content delivery, to really drive impact and have an engaged audience Dynamic Presentations are for you.

  • Pyrmont Studio as your 'stage'
  • Fibre Internet Connection
  • 3x Camera Angles
  • Integrated PowerPoint Slides
  • Graphic, Video + Photo Integration
  • Flip charts + white board available
  • Branded studio space unique to you

FREE Camera Confidence.

The demand for virtual video meetings has dramatically increased over recent weeks, and will continue to do so. This course has been designed to give you and your team members the confidence to be on camera for virtual meetings, and to utilise the technology at your fingertips to present professionally in a virtual environment.

Includes meeting etiquette + virtual meeting downloadable checklists.

DIY Video Masterclass.

This course has been designed to put the skills of video creation into the hands of those with a powerful message worthy of sharing. If you are looking to DIY your video content, this course gives you the training that brings together specialists in filming, audio and editing from the people who can explain everything you need to know in easy-to-follow language.

Includes editing tutorials for Adobe Premiere Pro + iMovie.

Studio Productions.

Our studio space 'Pyrmont Studio' is still open and we're producing content in a social-distancing friendly way.

If you are wanting to:

  • make an online course,
  • update your speaker topic videos,
  • create content for your website,
  • produce a dynamic presentation,
  • film an interview series, or
  • start a regular video blog

We'd LOVE to work with you to create videos unique to you, your brand and your message.

Who I’ve worked with.


If video is something that is becoming increasingly important for you as an organisation to drive growth, to drive sales and drive cut through, then I would not look any further than Rebecca and her team. She’s the go to person for anyone wanting to create awesome videos that drive, cut through and generate business growth.
Janine Garner
Networking Expert + Author
I had been avoiding doing a video for an eternity despite knowing it would be very good for business. I needed an unintimidating environment in order to overcome my camera evasion and Rebecca provided that so that I was able to deliver phenomenally better presentation than I would have imagined possible. The team were completely professional,yet personable. I felt very in control and actually enjoyed the process. I noticed how particular they were as they were filming so that the audio aspect was high quality and I am absolutely thrilled (and relieved) with the result. I would absolutely recommend Rebecca's services.
Sally Hart
Clever Closet Company
Rebecca and her team have been amazing to work with. In a very short period of time they were able to fully understand our needs and solely take on video projects where we only engaged at edit phase. This saves me a lot of time and means we can get through far more video stories on the startups we work with!
Pat Stanton
I worked with Rebecca to create a speaker showreel and a range of videos for my Leader as Facilitator program that is offered online. She is a vibrant and energetic person, full of insights, ideas and possibilities to make your message stand out in a world of too much information. The team she has around her are professional and supportive and I have no hesitation in recommending her and look forward to the next project we join forces on!
Lynne Cazaly
Speaker and Author on New ways of working
Rebecca Saunders is the epitome of the entrepreneurial spirit! She is creative, innovative and incredibly determined to say YES and then make sure she makes it happen. She has delivered fabulous video content for my businesses over the years and we continue to work together in creating new ways to spread ideas via video
Suzy Jacobs
Business + Life Guide
After that first introduction, I though that her 'High Energy' approach was just what we needed for the project. Now many successful videos later, which produced the highest engagement rating of content for the company, I can confidently say that I couldn't have gotten this success without Rebecca.
Christian Halaguena
Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia
Rebecca is a talented and passionate entrepreneur who has combined her extensive knowledge of video production and customer experience to create a great digital tool set for business owners - the future of marketing is video and Rebecca's offering is market leading.
Rachel White
CFO / COO for High Growth Ventures
Rebecca has made a huge impact on my business as both a video strategist, the providers of an awesome no mess no fuss video service, and as a mentor! She is professional and knows her stuff, etc, but the best thing is she's real, she's smart, and she's easy and fun to deal with. Can't recommend her enough.
Cate Kemp
Small Business Financial Operations

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