Common Video Marketing Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

After nearly a decade in the industry I’ve seen (and experienced) many video marketing mistakes.

In today’s article I’m going to share the 5 biggest marketing mistakes I commonly see when businesses create or use video content. But most importantly give you some tools and knowledge to avoid making the mistakes yourself!

Mistake #1. Not Having A Strategy

It’s not just making video, it’s about making video work. And to do that successfully you need to invest in a video strategy. It can be as basic or as complex as you’d like to make it, but the important thing about a video strategy is that it ensures that your video content is always relevant, timely & on-brand.

Just because you need to be using video as part of your marketing doesn’t mean you should just jump in. Take the time to plan your content so that it’s inline with your overarching marketing strategy, and you fully understand how, why and where you’ll be using video.

Mistake #2. Lack of Equipment & Knowledge

I’m a huge advocate of DIY video content and yes, I say that owning a video production company!

Advances and accessibility of technology and mobile phones have meant that almost everyone is carrying the basics of a video production suite. The catch? Hardly anyone is taking the time to skill up and understand how to do it properly, and it shows!

If you don’t have the budget to outsource to a video production company, make sure that you take some time training yourself (or your team) in how to do this properly. Check out The Vlog School to learn the basics.

Mistake #3. Hard Selling

In today’s digital age, information is everywhere so you need to make your content stands out. No one wants to be to sold to ridiculously hard, so make sure your content is always engaging, informative and adds value for your audience.

A great place to start is to answer a frequently asked question. Show your expertise and industry knowledge by talking about what you know best – your industry and your business.

Mistake #4. Making the video too long

Attention span from customers are getting shorter and shorter. Even if you have enough content to fill a 5 or 10 minute video, make sure to build your audience’s expectations and start small.

Build their loyalty and create regular content that they love. Over time they’ll become engaged enough to watch lengthier video content from you. Unfortunately, like anything marketing related, building a video following and viewer loyalty takes time.

Aim to create short videos of 90 seconds, or less, as a starting point.

Mistake #5. Under Utilising Social Media

This is the most common, and ultimately the most damaging mistake. At the end of the day, why go to the effort of making great content if you’re not going to get eyeballs on it?!

Be sure to upload your video to either YouTube or Vimeo in order to embed videos onto your website, and always add an SEO friendly title and description to help with organic reach.

When uploading to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter always upload your video content natively. Social platforms favour native content which means it’ll get viewed in more newsfeeds than a shared YouTube link. To add to your organic reach be sure to add an SEO friendly title to your video, and write an engaging, attractive caption.

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